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star child natural skincare glastonburyNatural Skincare by the Star Child Shop Glastonbury

To look good is to feel good. Natural beauty is not just a Goddess-given attribute; it is an outward expression of good nutrition and radiant health.

It lies within our powers to nurture this quality in ourselves – all it takes is to give our bodies the tender loving care they deserve. Star Child Natural Skincare products are for the creative kitchen alchemist, who likes to create their own natural potions and lotions.

Star Child is based in the ancient and alternative town of Glastonbury, famous for the links to the legend of King Arthur, Glastonbury Abbey, The Tor and ancient Chalice Well, as well as the famous Glastonbury music Festival. Our recent retreat to Somerset from the grasp of London’s concrete jungle took us to this charming shop which offers Infused Oils, Flower waters, Butters and Waxes, Natural Creams, Clays and Candles all made by hand and packaged on site.

If you are visiting Glastonbury the wonderful shop is open 7 days a week from 10am-5.30pm and is truly worth a visit.


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