Master Ji (Kin) – Head Tailor, makes your Cotton Conscious clothing skilfully by hand, alongside his co-workers who live on the same street.


 Kin lives with his wife and two young children behind his tiny workshop.

This set up keeps all the family together, whereas many people in India leave their families behind as they migrate to the big cities for work, often not seeing their loved ones for months at a time or sometimes up to a year.

Kins daughter comes home from school and loves to help out, checking that all the mother of pearl buttons have been hand sewn correctly by the local Guru Ji (holy man) who works in complete silence. There is always a regular supply of savoury Indian delights, Chapatis & delicious, spicy sweet Chai tea made by Kins wife (Nita) who is always trying to get us to eat much more “lunch” than we need too .

For a few months of the year, we design and work alongside Kin in his humble workshop in the foothills of the Himalayas, India. Together we slowly make small quantities of each design. Ensuring our garments are exclusive, sustainable, stylish and practical, while being Consciously made in “The Land of the Gods”, Rishikesh.

As we do not use a factory, agent or middle man, Kin is fairly paid, directly by us.

We believe you can feel a special energy in the fabric that can only be found when wearing handcrafted & handwoven clothing.