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Ajatananda Ashram Satsang Rishikesh 2020

Ajatananda Ashram, Rishikesh February 16 – April 8 “There is nothing to be attained. We are already That which we are seeking but we have mistakenly identified ourselves as being the body and the mind, believing that we are objects living in a world full of other objects!” Ajatananda Ashram P.O. Box 5P.O. SivanandanagarVia Rishikesh 249192 …

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peia luzzi musical artist

Peia Luzzi

Peia Luzzi is an American singer and instrumentalist based in the beautiful mountains of Southern Oregon. Peia has released 3 albums so far including Beauty Thunders engineered by Grammy award nominee Kamal Engles, Four Great Winds and the Dance of Devotion. Regular visitors to our Cotton Conscious blog will have heard the wonderful guitar magic …

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hang drum hang massive

Hang Massive – Live

HANG MASSIVE LIVE Hang massive featuring Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat performing on the Hang (a hand made steel instrument) at London Union Chapel. Catch Hang Massive live on tour this year throughout Europe. Hit the link below for more music and tour dates from this UK based duo. .